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Lighting towns and villages

Public Lighting

Disrepair state of public lighting is currently a major problem of many municipalities. In this area, IMAO group is an excellent partner for complete reconstruction mainly thanks to the numerous references of already realised projects. Our team works with the most modern technical equipment and software. The client receives lighting study, which helps to decide for the right solution. In addition to developing the project and suggestion of the most
appropriate lighting we also provide the actual installation and connection. In cooperation with the banking institutions we refi nance the investment and off er the possibility of complete management of public lighting for the period of fulfi lling of the investments. Municipalities gets the chance to reduce spending on public lighting, to increase security in the streets and reduce crime. Among our services is the lighting of parks, buildings, historical monuments and other city-forming elements.


Interior and exterior lighting

In addition to public lighting for our clients, we provide lighting of the interior and exterior. With respect to technical standards and requirements, we illuminate:

• exterior and interior areas of buildings
• sports centres and playgrounds
• schools
• production halls
• business centres, etc


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