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Renewable energy resources are current trend and we hope the future trend as well. With increasing population and ecreasing terrestrial state of oil or gas, research and development focuses more increasingly on the field of renewable energy. Photovoltaic systems, or, in other words, solar systems can be found on the lowland fields and rooftops of houses and industrial buildings. Conversion of sunlight into the electricity is provided by photovoltaic panels of various sizes and performance.We have several years of experience with the installation of these solutions and so far we have executed projects with an installed capacity of over 90 MW.

Ground installation

Ground installations are located outdoors. When designing and installing large solar power plants, various factors as slope of the mounting structure or orientation of power plants are taken into consideration with respect to the cardinal points. Solar powerplant is an ecological source of energy that is environmentally friendly when in operation, emissions free, and capable of supplying the villages or entire cities. Portfolio of our services includes preparation of feasibility studies, preparation of complete project documentation, representation of clients at government authorities, the installation of photovoltaic power plant, network connection, monitoring and complete service.

Roof installation

Research and development of photovoltaic moduls, the adaptation of legislation towards greater use of solar energy, all these are the factors, that make the photovoltaics more affordable. On the roofs of homes, small businesses or large enterprises grow solar plants that provide energy self-sufficiency to the owners. Photovoltaic system on the roof of the house covers a large part of normal household consumption. We have an extensive experience with the installation of these systems and our satisfied customers can be found not only at home but also abroad.

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