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Solar LED Lighting

Solar hybrid LED lights and lighting systems are form of use of solar energy as a new alternative to traditional forms of light sources. These systems not only save the environment but also electricity, which price is constantly increasing. During the day, the energy from the moduls is changed into electricity, which is kept in the batteries. Solar LED lighting can be controlled. Customer receives from us a lighting study of for illuminating of the desired areas. Solar LED lighting also finds its application in lighting of parks, buildings, billboards or other surfaces.


Main advantages
- 100% energy savings
- Zero-pollution to the environment
- No invoices for consumed energy
 - No cables, wiring, excavation works
- Possibility of installation in places without electricity network
- Various output options according to required illuminance
- Fully aic mode without necessity of connection to the network
- Automatic switching on and off lighting according to the intensity of daylight
- Photovoltaic cells recharge the battery even during cloudy days
- High lifespan of photovoltaic cells -  25 years
- A wide selection of luminaire design
- Minimum operating costs
- Minimum maintenance cost

Examples of use
- Street lights
- Bus stops lighting
- Parks and playgrounds lighting
- Pedestrian areas and cycle paths lighting
- Parks lighting


Principle of operation
During the day, solar energy is converted into electricity in photovoltaic moduls and stored in rechargeable batteries. When the voltage of PV panels will decrease as the solar radiation falls to the set level, the controller stops charging the battery and switches power supplying of the lamp from battery - LED light is on. When during the increase of sunlight the voltage of the PV panels increases to the desired level, the controller stops the power mode of the battery and LED light turns off. The battery  passes into the battery charging mode.

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