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Reconstruction of the agricultural cooperative and get among the best farms in Slovakia

In 2015, our company IMAO group entered a unique project. The aim of the project was to reconstruct  the agricultural cooperative  in Likavka city. The agricultural cooperative that was in danger of extinction, today belongs to the top of Slovak farming.
In the period from 2015 to 2020, the cooperative went through several major changes.  During this time, we managed to increase and modernize the production and  premises of the cooperative. Replacement of obsolete equipment, renewal of the vehicle fleet, reconstruction of mansions, construction of a slaughterhouse and dairy led to traditional farming by innovative methods. We were able to bring our  own and quality production to the region and  more than triple production of quality Slovak milk together with a quality team and their  overall work. The cooperation of the farm with our another  project of  Biogas Station in Tvrdošín brought further increasing of efficiency of the farming.
Thanks to these successful steps, we have achieved  to the be one of the  best farms in Slovakia. And so we saved the  cooperative, which was founded in 1950 and started its further successful development.

Agricultural cooperative Likavka currently manages around 800 hectares of agricultural land and  it focuses on cattle breeding and milk production. With the help of a new operational dairy, we have brought to the market traditional and healthy milk products such as yoghurts (without GMOs), raw  cheese threads  and  special various cheeses. We also brought quality fresh meat to our market with the help of a new operational slaughterhouse.

The result of our successful activity in this unique project represents the sale of the entire agricultural cooperative in Likavka to a new local owner, who will continou from September 2020 in modern management and development of such an important regional cooperative with a long history as  cooperative Likavka is.
We believe that the cooperative under the new leadership will continue to advance and it will continue the idea of bringing local and healthy products to the tables of Slovak households, which we brought to this project with our entry in 2015.

The IMAO group thus wishes many successes and fullfiled goals.


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