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OFF GRID systems

Stand alone systems or OFFGRID system is designed for areas without a  public grid connection. These systems find its use, for example, in the cottages, eco-homes or farms. Solar photovoltaic panels - PV modules - convert the sunlight into an energy that is stored (through the MPPT controller???) in maintenance-free batteries and then converted into alternating current, (with use of an inverter), that can power appliances such as: lamps, chargers, radio, TV, laptop, accumulation drill and others, up to max. 300 W. During the summer season photovoltaic system is able to produce 840Wh of electricity in a sunny day and can cover 100% of the estimated daily consumption. During the winter season system produces on average 168Wh per day. The calculation  does not reflect possible inpact of snow.

- No need of a grid connection
- No payment for the invoices for electricity
- Energy production does not pollute the environment
- Possibility to connect small household appliances
- In case of need, the possibility of extending the system

All components of this system are maintenance free, but to achieve better efficiency of PV modul it is suitable, if necessary,, to clear the snow of it in the winter and to remove dirt from it with tap water in the summer, if necessary.

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